Yesterday, I wrote that small businesses should refuse to do business with people who live in California, because they are exporting their police to enforce California law on other states. Now here comes New York, going after large businesses.

They are investigating whether Tyson foods violated New York anti gouging laws by charging higher prices for meat during the COVID lockdowns. Tyson is refusing to comply with the subpoena, claiming that they cannot be investigated in New York for the price of meat charged by them in Arkansas.

This has a logical outcome. If the state of New York wants to mess around and force companies to sell food at a loss, then companies will simply stop selling there. No matter how large the market, if profits aren’t there, then there is no reason to sell there. It’s like the old SNL skit.

The original skit ended with “People ask us how we can make money, when all we do is make change. The answer to that is simple: volume.” For some reason SNL removed that line from the bit. Maybe because people today wouldn’t get it.

New York doesn’t get it. No matter how many people who live there, if there is no profit, companies won’t do business there. That is the essence of the national split we see today. The cities can’t impose their will upon the rural areas without limit. There will be push back, and there lies the source of our national split.

We as a nation are headed for divorce. The people in the middle of the country will only be pushed so far. The cities will have to play nice, or they will found out just what cold, dark, and hungry are.


Aesop · August 4, 2022 at 7:43 am

Point of Order:
The CA incident was a case of a corrupt of voted0out sheriff sending his douchebadges to Indiana because he got miffed when reneging on a custom $210K DC Comics-approved Batmobile was delayed.

And you kind of left out that the douchebadge Indiana local yokels copsucked the dicks of the San Mateo out-of-theri-jurisdiction sheriff’s deputies, rather than throwing them out for trying to serve an unenforceable warrant, which even any 7th grader in the ‘hood knows carries no legal authority outside CA state boundaries.

So I have to ask: will you be calling for boycotting Indiana anytime soon?
If not, why not?
Their douchebadges were the ones who actually dragged in and grilled the businessman in question, for what is, at best, a civil matter than even CA courts refused to touch the first time around.

BTW, there’s a follow-up story from that local Bay Area ABC affiliate: the San Mateo County Board of Stuporvisors is getting raked by constituents over the incident, and they’ve harrumphed their way into investigating the misappropriation of taxpayer funds for a political crony of the outgoing sheriff.

But not a peep from Indiana, who carried the water for that whole farce.
I think, when all is said and done, Indiana Batmobile guy is going to be the proud owner of two shiny sheriff’s departments, and taking an all-expenses trip to a tropical paradise when his lawyers get through with this.

This wasn’t a CA policy thing, it was simply local corruption, and the voters already booted the crook responsible last election.
Seeing him in prison to boot would be a nice kiss goodbye.

    Steve · August 4, 2022 at 11:57 am

    There’s still something missing here. According to the story, someone got a Cass County, Indiana judge to sign a warrant. So who is the plaintiff in the Indiana case? Who swore out the affidavit?

    Sounds like there’s a few people here who need to be staked down on top of an anthill.

McChuck · August 4, 2022 at 10:48 am

“The cities can’t impose their will upon the rural areas without limit.”

Speaking of which, this would be one of the most substantial cases to bring back before the Supreme Court. Eliminate the Warren ruling that States can’t organize their voting districts by area, not population. The rural areas once had power in every State’s upper house, just as they do in the US Senate.

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