So because I am single and looking for the first time in about a decade, I have been wondering how we are supposed to act. This is normal, because technology like texting has greatly influenced how we interact with our potential mates.
I stumbled upon a study of US relationship norms, and I wanted to share with all of you some interesting factoids:

There are 86 eligible males for every 100 single females.
This one sort of surprised me. I actually thought that the numbers would be the other way around.

48% of all breakups are done over the telephone or by email. 7% are done by text, and only 35% are done face to face.
So me being dumped a few months ago by telephone was not abnormal. I still feel that there are certain things that should be done face to face: The first time you tell someone “I love you” and breaking up with someone come to mind. I guess I am just old fashioned that way.

For every $5000 that a woman earns more than her husband, their chance of divorce increases by 4%.

This one surprised me as well. I wonder if this is because the men feel threatened, or the women feel more independent.

On average, men know if they are falling for a woman by the 3rd date, but women do not know until the 14th date.
Yet women think that men are either moving too fast or are heartless. I think men are just better at knowing what they want and making up their minds. For example: Have you ever watched a woman shop for shoes?

40% of men report being scared of their potential mate during the early stages of a relationship.

This is because men have fragile egos, and we fear rejection.

52% of all breakups occur on a Monday. 

Mine did. Don’t answer the phone on Monday.

84% of all breakups are either initiated by the woman, or the woman purposely makes life so difficult on the man that he breaks up with her.
 So, contrary to popular culture, men are not the heartless unfaithful ones.
57% of women say that their sexual fantasy is having sex outside. Only
14% say it is having a threesome. 35% have fantasized about having an
affair, but only half of those have actually done so.

So men, if you want to live your woman’s fantasy, find a place to do the deed that is outside, but out of sight. It will have just enough of an element of danger to excite her.

48% of
women claim to have faked an orgasm with their current partner. 25% of
women are incapable of having an orgasm through sexual intercourse
Wow, a quarter. Men need to polish up on their “other” skills.

54% of women report that they are more attracted to men who wear blue on the first date.

48% of women and 38% of men research a person or perform a background check on the internet before dating them.
I usually do. 

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