There are many people all over who are bleating on about how the Republicans are going to get elected and will repeal the unpopular healthcare bill. There are a few reasons why I do not believe this will happen:

1 The Republicans owned Congress and the Presidency during the first part of the Bush administration. How many Democrat laws did they repeal? Not one.

2 Even if the Congress falls out of Democrat hands, there is no way that Obama will sign any repeal into law. This means that the Republicans will need a 2/3 majority in BOTH houses of congress to override the veto.

What does this mean?

The Republicans need to gain 26 seats in the Senate, and 110 seats in the House. Historically, the party that holds a seat, keeps that seat over 90% of the time.

Even so, there are only 18 Democrat Senators coming up for Reelection. That means that there is NO WAY that the Republicans can have more than 59 seats in the Senate, and that assumes that all 18 Republicans running keep their seats, and all 18 of the Democrats lose theirs.

Therefore, there is no way that the healthcare plan will be repealed.

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