There is a growing movement for you to side with the Democrats and vote to impeach President Trump. It will be impossible for any impeachment to take place before the end of his term. At this point, you are probably thinking that this is about support for Donald Trump. That is because you are fucking quisling fucktards that would sell your children into slavery, if it meant that you would have more money and power for yourself. 

I am not a Republican. I couldn’t care less about you, your political party, or your personal ambitions. What I do care about is this nation, the freedom of its citizens, and the constitution that safeguards those freedoms. All things that you will sell out if it means your continued feeding at the public trough. I only allied myself with your party because we were nominally supporting the same goals. As soon as your party abandons those goals, we are no longer working towards the same result, and our temporary alliance will have run its course. 

The only reason for you to do this is so that you can appease those who would take away those rights by ensuring that Donald Trump cannot run for office again. Meanwhile, you are sitting there appeasing those who are busy running roughshod over those who you are supposed to represent. 

They have eliminated the right to vote by stealing the election. They are silencing those who complain, making enemies lists, and going after those who appear on that list. They are plotting to eliminate gun ownership, the right to petition for redress both through speaking in the public square and in the courts, and they are plotting to continue to have us locked in our homes.

Enough. If you do not grow a spine and defend this nation, I will never again vote for a Republican candidate. I won’t donate another dime to your party or candidates, nor will I counsel others to do so. With your lack of support for the President (who was selected by the voters of YOUR party) you ceased to be my ally. 

This is fast becoming a war between this nation’s government and its citizens. You are on the cusp of becoming our enemy. Choose sides wisely, for I fear that I am not the only person who feels this way. 

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Nick Flandrey · January 13, 2021 at 4:31 am

It's important to remember that Trump was not and is not a Republican except as a matter of convenience.

In any sane world he'd have been a social democrat.

The head of the Republican party publicly said he'd vote for Hillary before Trump.

They never wanted him. They can't WAIT to be rid of him.

They wanted to ride on his coattails. Now they want to distance themselves. The fix was in. They want to return to business as usual. Let the Dems do the heavy lifting, but be ready to look the other way… and it worked.


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