Through a post at WRSA, we hear that Antifa is using 2 meter Baofeng handheld radios to communicate. The almost certainly are not licensed to use those, even though they are required to have at least a technician license.

We already know that the coup plotters of 2017 used the same method of communication.

My request:
Can anyone provide pictures of Antifa members with handheld transcievers?

If anyone is in the vicinity of Antifa operations and has the technical capabilities, can we confirm their use of the 2 meter band, or even intercept some of their communications?

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SiGraybeard · June 25, 2020 at 3:13 pm

Most (all?) of the Baofeng radios can be programmed to operate out of band. It makes the intercept issue a little harder, but if you're an anarchist, why should you care about the laws for using a radio.

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