When I began writing this blog, I intended this to began as an EMS and gun related blog, and it has sort of turned into my soapbox. I have since retired and left the EMS field and continued on to a more advanced program, so I guess we can sort of go back this blog’s roots and talk for a minute about medicine.

For my Master’s degree research project, I have decided to use myself as a case subject for a study relating prediabetic individuals to weight loss. The connection between obesity and diabetes has been well documented, and my intention is to take that research to the next logical step and research the effects of dieting and weight loss on various factors in blood chemistry. My faculty adviser has approved the project, and I am now in the data collection phase of that study.

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sparrowmict · February 14, 2012 at 9:45 pm

Good luck.. I also have NIDDM. And when I pay attention to my diet and work out and my weight drops my A1C numbers are so much better and I feel better. If you need any encouragement or another subject just drop me a line.

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