When last we spoke about my in laws and their auto purchasing woes, they were in possession of a car with a VIN that doesn’t match the car they were driving. The dealer overnighted paperwork to them with the correct VIN, but this set of papers misspelled my FIL’s name. So now they are trying to get that fixed. 

To make things worse, my BIL is in town, and he is from NY. He is a typical loud mouthed, obnoxious NY resident. His advice to my inlaws is to go to the dealer and loudly curse and scream until they agree to give them new paperwork and a $2000 refund for their  refuse to pay for the car. I pointed out that, should they do that, the dealer will likely have them trespassed. 
Then the BIL went on and on about how the contract isn’t valid because the name is spelled wrong, and how if FIL refuses to sign a new contract, the dealer has to return their trade and their money. So here is the big plan:
The BIL said that after being trespassed, they should refuse to pay for the car. Since the VIN doesn’t match, the dealer can’t do anything. I said that they would just repo the car. The New Yorkers in the room tried telling me that they can’t do that, because the BIL sells used cars in NY, and you can’t repo a car without a court order.. I told them that this isn’t NY- the way to repo a car here is that they simply take the car wherever they can, and the law only requires that they notify the police within 24 hours. 
All I got were arguments about how they would sue and would call the local press, arbitration be damned. “We have a registration and insurance on the car, they can’t repo shit.” Sigh. This is why people in the south don’t like to deal with know it all New Yorkers. I love my wife, and sometimes I wonder how she turned out so level headed and reasonable. 
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