Making Native American tribes into something that they never were. It’s the white man’s fault that you have modern medicine, electricity, and can’t build a homeless shelter.

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Paulb · November 27, 2021 at 7:45 pm

I grew up in the area. We’ve been listening to these lulu’s for a few years now, whereas in my childhood they were left alone to perform their fake made up ceremonies and be mistaken for gypsies because of the constant scams and light-fingeredness. The Wamps are pissed off at the Pequod still. The pilgrims refused the Wampanoag’s request to make war and wipe out the Pequod and after that the entire Iroquois nation.
Stupid buggers asked a bunch of pacifists to commit genocide in exchange for some food. They were bad enough that the pilgrims forgot about their experiment in peaceful communism right quick, though.
Injun Joe in the article appears to be butthurt that his folks got no genocide AND their eternal enemies got that casino down in Connecticut.

No mention ever gets made about the other tribes the New England Indians wiped out or otherwise forced down further south, like the Clovis people and such. They’re pissed off because they were the next-to-last colonists, rather than the last.

The early bird gets the worm, but it’s the second mouse gets the cheese.

How bad is it? In the area with the highest population of Irish outside of Ireland (90ish % of the population south of Boston is 3 generations or less out of the old country), the area that provided the bulk of the funding for the IRA, the Indians are so annoying that they can’t even enlist the help of people who still bear a grudge against British Protestants.

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