By the TSA, with apologies to Steve Perry, the Constitution, and your civil rights.
(to the tune of Journey’s Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin)

You opted out, but you wanna fly
Just then, we said we’d try
Rubbin’, Touchin’, Squeezin, your backside

If you opt out, all by yourself
You meet, with someone else
He’ll be rubbin, touchin, squeezin, your backside.

We’re at the airport, every every day
You gave up all your rights
Oh what can I say?
You’re at the airport

It won’t be long yes, till we’re at home
like your lover, we’ll we’ll touch your bum
Then we’re rubbin, oooh we’re touchin, we’re squeeezin, another

We tear your ticket up
Oh every day
We tear your rights apart
Oh, what can you say?
Cuz’ we’ll arrest you, we’ll no fly you,
just shut up, take it, and try not to cry

na, na, na, na, na, na….

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