So a guy named Ryan from Garden Grove California, with an IP address of 64.203.36.# came here and decided to post the following comment to this post:

Speaking of stupid I came across your “it’s a felony to use someone’s
wi-fi” and had a good laugh, consulted with several of my friends (who
are attorneys), and they had a good laugh as well.

#1: You are an
ambulance driver, not an attorney. Please don’t pretend you know the
law until you’ve actually studied it or consulted with an actual

#2: It is not a felony to use someone else’s wi-fi
unless you actually hack into their network and spy on their network
traffic or steal information, which would fall under a completely
different category.

#3: Your analogy of using wi-fi being
comparable to breaking into someone’s home is absolutely laughable
because: wi-fi is ubiquitous, it is everywhere, your neighbor’s wi-fi is
in your home, and your wi-fi is in your neighbor’s home, so for you to
compare it to breaking into their home, well… ironically you
overlooked the fact that their wi-fi is already in your home, and yours
is in their home.

#4: You should just make a blog of your ignorant comments, that would probably be more amusing, and more people would read it.

First, you are an ignorant ass, and your attorney friends are incompetent assholes that I wouldn’t hire to get me out of a $20 parking ticket. See, the police and the prosecutors disagree with you, and proved it when Benjamin Smith became the first man arrested in Florida for using someone’s open WiFi without permission.

You didn’t even comment on the post that you were referring to, which is found here. Nowhere in that post did I compare using WiFi without permission to be analogous to breaking into a home. However, when you use someone’s WiFi without permission, you are stealing their bandwidth. Yes, the radio waves are passing through your home, but using that logic, so are your cell phone calls, the satellite signal for HBO, and the nuclear launch codes that the Navy uses. That doesn’t make them mine to take.

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