I was looking at my hit counter and noticed a hit from another blog, a Disney related one. I decided to mosey on over there and take a look. Here was the opening paragraph from the most recent post:

The bag checks at the entrance to each of Disney World’s theme parks makes me feel good.  I enjoy knowing that my (and your) safety is top concern.  For this reason I do not scoff or eye roll upon entering the bag check.  I am ready as soon as I walk up to the gates.  I thank the security guards and make my way to the magic. 

The post went on to describe how to be courteous to your fellow visitors and get through the bag check by being polite to the security people as the search through your belongings, and ended with this paragraph:

Raise your right hand.  I’ll wait. Good, now repeat after me 🙂

I promise to get it together before I get to the bag check.

I will have my bag ready for inspection.

I won’t be impatient. Instead I’ll wait my turn and appreciate my safety is taken seriously.
I will repack at the repacking table, even if I have a mega super Swiss Army style bag.
Going through the bag check keeps Disney World safe. Be kind to the security guards. Thank them. Think of how many bags they go threw each day be patient and let them do their job! They are actually very sweet!

I left a comment that said:

The bag checks do not make Disney safe, they simply are there to make people FEEL safe. There is a lot of crime at Disney. They are just very good at controlling the dissemination of information. For example: There was an armed robbery at EPCOT center where the robber caught employees entering a backstage area with a large amount of cash. He got away with over $20,000.

There were several rapes in the Magic Kingdom employee parking lot in 2003. More than one Disney employee has been arrested for pedophilia related charges.

Disney is not alone. The other parks have similar issues. Theme parks are a target rich environment for criminals. The large amounts of cash carried by tourists, combined with the lack of situational awareness that being on vacation spawns, and this is a field day for criminals looking to prey on easy targets.

For that reason, I use my concealed weapons permit to legally carry a pistol every single time I am on Disney property. Before you freak out, remember this: A person who has been fingerprinted and passed an FBI background check to legally secure a weapons permit is not the guy that you have to worry about shooting up the place.

 My comment was deleted. So much for reasoned discourse, eh?

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TOTWTYTR · January 6, 2011 at 3:49 pm

I haven't been to Disney for a long time, but I can't say I'm too surprised. People getting robbed is very, very, bad for business. Especially if you bill yourself as "The happiest place on earth".

I remember about 20 years ago Disney Land covered up a stabbing by refusing to call 9-1-1 and transporting the victim in a service van. Well, they tried to cover it up, but the family of the victim sued. They were awarded $600K by the jury.

From my recollection, uniformed security is not apparent in the park, but it is there. How effective it is, I have no way of knowing.

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