A so-called mass shooting in Savannah. Two dead and six injured. While this seems to support the “mass shooting” claims of the left, this is not what most people think of when they think about mass shooters. Like the majority of shootings in the USA, this is one group of black males shooting it out with another group of black males over whatever gang and drug related issues that they consider important.

Chief Minter said preliminary information leads police to believe this shooting stemmed from a conflict between two groups. Savannah Police’s gang unit was on the scene Saturday. Chief Minter said it could be connected to a shots-fired incident on Tuesday in the same area. Chief Minter said no one in the area could provide information to police about Tuesday’s incident.

It was a driveby where gangs shot at each other. 60 shell casings were found, 8 people were shot (including a toddler) and no one saw a thing. Tell me again how cops are the problem in black neighborhoods.

The police chief just spins the problem, and that is the main reason why there IS a problem, and why that problem will not ever be fixed. Eight months ago, the police chief said they need “guns off the street” but aren’t saying a thing about controlling criminal gangs.

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