I got a call from my sister. Her 14 year old daughter, my niece, is being sexually harassed at school. There are a couple of boys who are being very descriptive in what they want to do to her. She told them that what they were doing is sexual harassment, but the boys responded with “You women are just too sensitive.”

Two weeks ago, she emailed the school counselor. Who did nothing. It has continued to happen.

So yesterday, she went to the counselor’s office and complained. The counselor said that there is nothing she can do but move my niece to a different class.

I told my niece that this is unacceptable. She is the victim and shouldn’t have to move, plus this won’t stop the boy from simply seeing her somewhere else and continuing the behavior. I told her that the way forward is to go to the principal (or have her mother do it) and ask that administrator if he is going to take action. Point out to him that he is required by law to take disciplinary action against the boy, and if he doesn’t, she will contact the county school board’s title IX officer and make it an official complaint. Trust me, it won’t go that far.

My niece doesn’t want to do that because she is afraid that, if the boys get in trouble, they are going to bring a gun to school and shoot her.

This is what the left is doing to young women- they have them so afraid of the almost nonexistent threat from school shootings that are black swan events, that these young girls are being sexually harassed and afraid enough that they are having to take it.

  • These girls are having to change in locker rooms next to a “trans woman” with “her” penis hanging out.
  • They are having boys make those kinds of comments about them.
  • The schools now do nothing.
  • And the girls are afraid to stand up for themselves for fear of retribution,

Tell me again how the left is the group that supports women. I get it. Teenaged boys are stupid and have no game. They need to learn that this isn’t the way to get women. Twenty or thirty years ago, the way that boys learned this lesson was a guy said some shit like that, and he was told to cut it out. If he didn’t, one of the girl’s male friends, her brother, or some other male would kick the shit out of him and he would learn some respect. A few months later, they would all be friends again.

Not today. Now we are too civilized for that.

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Joe Blow · August 25, 2023 at 6:32 am

I _get_ the complications your sister is dealing with. My youngest is in 11th grade now, middle child just started at university, oldest graduated trade school this week! Aka: I got one in college, and 1 with 2 years of high school left. Skin in the game.
9 years ago I moved my family to a small community in Eastern TN. Part of the decision where we landed was the school district. We were leaving a great school district in NY that was becoming what your sister is now dealing with. Rather than fight the system, I left.
If I had younger children, I would advise the same course of action (move!), seek out a Christian private school, or homeschool. I have asked myself all of these questions and thought about the implications, and at the time the best decision for me was to move. That may not be a practical option now. Regardless she needs to realize something I did before we moved: you can choose to swim with the current, or against it.
I don’t say that to suggest your neice should be made to continue her tribulations. I mean you can, may, and are able to fight the system, but realize you are fighting the system, and be prepared for what that means. My hat is off to you, should you choose that path!
I chose to find a pond that suited me. I swim with the current, that I picked, I did not mold myself to fit the pond, I found a pond like me. I admire people that fight , but I know when I’m outmatched. I do not wish to spend my days fighting for my rights, I’d rather spend my time living where my rights are respected, and I don’t have to spend my time fighting. Everybody makes choices.
As an aside, I believe history will look back at this period like the great dustbowl migration. Human osmotic pressure is an insurmountable force. The scale of people relocating is breathtaking. Brace for impact….

Dirty Dingus McGee · August 25, 2023 at 6:56 am

“Now we are too civilized for that.”

While most are, there are still some that are not. Amazing how some smart asses attitude changes when a long haired biker on a Harley shows up at the parents home to explain the error of their child’s way.

Or so I have heard.

Zarba · August 25, 2023 at 7:15 am

Your suggestion to go to the principal and then the school board is probably the best option, given that if she (or a male friend/relative) lights up that boy, they’ll end up in jail or suspended/expelled an he’ll laugh and go on to his next target.

Unfortunately, the school system can and probably will bury the report and try to gaslight her.

It's just Boris · August 25, 2023 at 7:29 am

Yeah, the boy in question would have had a “talking-to” by now from her male relatives. They didn’t have them back then when I grew up, but the “counsellor” might have been talked to as well, woman or no, given how she’s making the problem worse.

Aesop · August 25, 2023 at 12:27 pm

What McGee said.

If the school can’t or won’t step in, some boys’ parent(s) are liable to have one good arm, knee, or eye left to make the right choices with.
And at 14 to 15, these “boys” are dangerously close to finding out what Big Boy Rules look like personally, too.
Appealing to the authorities was their one chance to get an outcome that doesn’t leave permanent physical scars.

That’s how that goes when the state abdicates its responsibilities to its citizens. Including keeping young jackasses who the parent(s) just fed, instead of raised, from finding out personally what happens to them when someone’s father or uncle decides the world doesn’t really need them around anymore.

When the authorities run and hide, ball peen hammers, .22s, and ice picks come to the fore. Since before history was written down.

Art imitates life.

And BTW, that POS counselor who demurred has a lesson coming too, and it should leave a mark or two. Along with a gentle hint that any reprisals whatsoever, from anywhere directed towards the girl, will result in things which will certainly make the evening news, and give kids nightmares to hear about.

People who work for taxpayers’ dollars need to be reminded, quietly and in private, where their best interests lie. And also reminded that their front teeth don’t grow back.
Someone should make them an offer they can’t refuse: either both boys go away from that school immediately and by official decree, and are banned from ever setting foot on the premises for life; or the counselor goes away. In a feral hogs and gators kind of way.

Mr. Corleone is a man who likes to hear bad news in person…

If that warning comes to certain PTB from a random and totally unrelated third party who happens to look like a long-haired “I’ve killed people for less” biker, totally untraceable to the complaining party, to the point that someone wets their pants, so much the better.
People are always even more afraid of what they imagine than they are of the actual thing.

I’ve heard.


TCK · August 26, 2023 at 2:25 am

“My niece doesn’t want to do that because she is afraid that, if the boys get in trouble, they are going to bring a gun to school and shoot her. ”

Are the harassers in question of the Holy Diversity? Because established precedent states that if so, then can do exactly that and be out on bond in time to party the night away.

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