The BLM protests are being run with military precision. Here is an in depth report of what a BLM/Antifa operation looks like:

The course of the nightly action against the PPB followed a fairly predictable pattern: a contingent of notional BLM protesters rendezvoused with a group of antifa black bloc at a public park close to their objective. As they moved towards the police building which was their target, “corkers” -a sort of bicycle-mounted blocking force- closed off side streets and the scouting line -typically on mopeds- moved ahead and on the flanks. Behind them came the main contingent of black bloc. Upon arrival at the PPB the streets were blocked with vehicles and burning dumpsters, with the “corkers” stationed to direct traffic away from the action and the scouts setting up a picket line extending out several blocks, watching for police reinforcements and creating the strong impression of antifa control of territory.

Read the whole thing. 

When looking to engage a unit like this, remember that the goal of the scouts is to force opposing elements to engage away from the main force. This gives the main force time to redeploy into positions to counter the opposition. If the opposing force is too powerful, the main force simply retreats and breaks the engagement.

Think on what this report tells us about their training and organization. They have effective C3 capabilities, and seem to be mastering the skills needed to be an effective Army. They are growing more experienced, organized, and effective with every passing day. I know that there are many on the right who like to make fun of the left, but they are getting their shit together in one sock.

The longer this goes on, the more difficult and dangerous the coming civil war will be. They are training a large force of battle ready troops. By the time these people get into using deadly weapons, they will have already mastered the basics of tactical warfare. This report frankly worries the hell out of me.

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SiGraybeard · August 30, 2020 at 2:32 am

Do you happen to listen to Michael Bane? He's a gun show producer who has put many good shows on the Outdoor Channel. He also does a weekly podcast.

This week, he spends the last 10 or 12 minutes of his show talking about where he thinks the civil war is. Make no mistake, it's going on now. One side is fighting and training every day. They're well funded so it's their job. You can go to 36:30 in the time. There's about 12 minutes of content.

Steve Sky · September 1, 2020 at 12:23 pm

This calls to mind the Spanish Civil War and Nazi Germany. That conflict allowed the Germans to experiment and see what tactics worked in preparation for the larger conflict. In that view, Portland, Seattle, and St Louis are truly disturbing parallels, for they are serving as experimental laboratories allowing the development of tactics, and military unit operations, for the larger conflict in the US. People note Clausewitz's statement, "War is the continuation of politics by other means," and but more importantly, "War therefore is an act of violence intended to compel our opponent to fulfill our will." It appears that the Antifa & BLM are being trained to compel us to the will of their controllers.

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