How many safety issues can you spot in this picture? This picture was posted on the internet by some responders who though it made them look “cool.” It was reposted by another responder as an example of what not to do. The response to this was defensive and immediate. People from the offending department circled the wagons, and began demanding the picture and comments be removed. Then it got nasty:

Watch what you say and post on the internet, right?? Just sayin… Not the brightest idea to bash an FD you share a response area with, especially when you sometimes work at that joint station. Accidents happen.

 I responded that the comments there sounded like a threat. The response?

It’s not a threat, I’m quoting what was said earlier about being careful what you put on the internet. I personally would never post something to make another dept look like crap, and I would expect that if I did such a thing a supervisor would approach me and tell me to take it down. People make mistakes, take a long look at yourself before you point fingers at others. I’ve seen guys from other department make mistakes and I’m not going to air it out on the internet and post pictures.

 So the message I get from this is that we would rather punish and threaten people who point out the mistakes instead of correcting them. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and if we ignore it so as not to make waves, we will never improve. That is how people get hurt.

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Advair · October 27, 2010 at 7:41 am

Most people do not usually think about personal care, safety, and security items.

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