Frank Clark is a defensive end for the Kansas City Chiefs. He has signed a $104 million contract to play a child’s game for five years. This country has been so unfair to him that he decided to take a knee during the National Anthem:

Number 55 on a knee in the back? Yep, that appears to be him.

How has it been unfair? Well, they charged him with a felony, to which he pled guilty while he was a student at Michigan, where he was attending college for free. What was his crime, you ask? He forced his way into a fellow student’s dorm and stole his Apple computer. A violent felony because free college wasn’t enough.

He was arrested again later for domestic violence when he beat and choked his girlfriend into unconsciousness.

Yes, this country has been so unfair to Frank Clark. I can see why he would want to protest the injustices that this country has heaped upon him.

So why is this relevant? Frank Clark, a person prohibited from possession of firearms or ammunition was arrested in March in the state of California and charged with criminal possession of an assault weapon. Then he was arrested again just last month for illegally carrying a concealed weapon.

I wonder if he will actually spend time in jail, or if his celebrity status will still grant him a get out of jail free card. Yes – life is so unfair to American athletes. They should all take a knee in protest.

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D.C. · July 17, 2021 at 12:00 pm

“The victim stance is a powerful one.”
It seems, the absence of prudence in these people is natural selection underway of one of the two mainline species of humans. It is really come down to it. Thats not by accident. Neither is the DNA reboot the not vaxx represents. In concert with the psychological programming we are inundated with, industrial food poisoning, indoctrination of our youngin’s, subversion and undermining our long learned hard won time honored traditions and codes, it is no great wonder such an actor like this guy is a feature of the effects of those efforts to destroy our great civilization. K Strategists do not do such things. But r/ strategists, it is right up their alley. Liminality too. This lack of prudence though, it is one of the great issues of our time, particularly how such victim stance persons believe just because they are somehow justified and right it excuses them from being responsible for their actions.
Unintended consequence is a real bitch. She always catches up paying you back some way.

Big Ruckus D · July 17, 2021 at 3:26 pm

Check out this bitch ass punk, appropriating white culture by having a name like “Frank Clark”. It’s almost as if we’re being trolled. His appearance and character are more befitting a name like Shi’tavious Jackson. Anyway, the boy got a $105 million deal, and he still couldn’t stop being the complete fuckup nature made him to be. Who could have have seen that coming?

You know what? Until sacks of dog squeeze like this stop getting hundred million dollar paydays to provide shit-tier entertainment, and “get out of jail free” cards, this whole place (no longer a country, but a hellscape economic zone) deserves to burn.

The priorities here are so totally screwed, and the truly productive amongst us so completely resented and persecuted that I no longer care what happens to any of it, outside of me and mine. Since complete breakdown and destruction is obviously the only way to a clean slate, let’s get on with it already.

There’s nothing left worth saving, the whole model it was built on has failed miserably and needs replacement. Start with the elimination of all the people incapable of maintaining a civilization – most notably, but certainly not limited to, white leftists who ultimately enable all of this, and prevent it from being effetively dealt with – and then build from there.

    D.C. · July 18, 2021 at 10:51 am

    Your in good company wanting all this evil incinerated, and there in lies the rub for all of us who had enough, yet we fall into the enemies traps if we take council from our fears and permit their order out of chaos strategy to manipulate us into loosing the forrest for the trees, what things matter most.
    I believe as I believe all of us good folks do, that solidarity and unity of purpose is our great strength as people, as an enduring culture. That our culture is upstream of all politics.
    Creating all this chaos, subversion and destruction is essentially weaponizing fears, the primary intent to separate us, making us think resistance is futile, we are individually alone, the timeless tyrants trick of divide and conquer, to inhibit good folks from being that great plurality like Sam Adam’s always believed exists within us.
    Probably why they revile MAGA, why “she” called us a basket of Deplorable’s and her minions cheered.

    Interesting thing is that contempt for us is fear on the other foot, it is they who use fear as their council, hate and envy.
    I think we underestimate ourselves because we are good folks, we do not do such things as our enemy, we leave more than we take, and turn the other cheek out of humility and savings grace, even though we don’t regularly recognize such virtues and qualities in ourselves, that is humility, they are really good things which bind us, and this must be destroyed at all costs, even if it means burning everything else to the ground to accomplish that critical objective.

    I believe we beat the sonofabiatchez because every day we are crowded by evil events, and things we will not and can never commit even if we tried ourselves, into being that great plurality that won liberty and is the thing that is the preservation of freedom in this world.

    Our enemies hate and fear of us is their undoing, it would be more effective if it was just cold blooded agenda and they went straight to genocide. But their contempt for us and hubris they can’t help it, they got to rub our faces in their evil. Besides, who among us enjoys finding out our whole lives we have been served one big fat enormous lie, played for suckers, deceived and betrayed by this machine. And now all this latest crap from an election coup to using political prisoners from 1-6 as a weapon of fear to keep us from really defying them, to medical genocide in the disguise and shape of a poison jab.

    Aside from our rifles, our greatest weapon and our strength is our solidarity, our unity against the enemy. It is unique as it bestows on us an unalienable legitimacy. Our history is proof beyond doubt as a united people, not even a large plurality, but a determined one, nothing can stand us, even global evil, which we won our freedom from as once we where slaves to and kicked it out. Our mistake was we did not recognize it as it infiltrated our republic and usurped our institutions. On the other hand, we are becoming manifest in ourselves once again, we are legion, and beginning to grok this, very soon becoming A Legion who ain’t going to be denied. 100 Million Rifles and Solidarity armed to the teeth. We are Legion. Can you feel it? The paradigm of paradigms. A great sea change in perception and unified belief in something greater than just ourselves. That is President Trump’s purpose, to unify us good folks. These ruthless people out to destroy our civilization do not understand how mean us good folks get when they violate our codes. The mistake is burning our symbols of virtues and prudence to the ground, in that in destroying everything we are no longer held back by our prudence and we are absolutely free and justified to do whatever it takes to win.
    Then it is us who go into our enemies territory and burn them and everything they stand for, burn their idols of hate and fear to the ground. And salt the earth where their ashes lay.

    It is a great opportunity only comes if ever once in an age to good folks, to set things aright, to rebalance the great equation. Imagine what we will do compared to our history, prosperity and creativity and happiness beyond imagination.

TCK · July 18, 2021 at 1:21 am

Forget the statues, we need to tear down the stadiums.

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