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Science Corrupted

USA today claims that scientists can’t define what a woman is. Science has been corrupted. We are truly entering the dark ages.

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Funny I remember it being XX versus XY in the Biology I took in the 80s, but that is sooooo long ago, we have moved on, I guess

Don’t ask her to define the term woman, just ask her straight up, yes or no, if the only way to become a woman is by developing as female in a womb, being born and growing to adulthood.

Because (actual science here) there is no alternative method.

XX versus XY chromosome pairing. Outside of a very very rare birth defect, that’s pretty much it. That’s basic biology, as mentioned above.

Since science is now dead, and a passel of superstitions and blatant falsehoods has been chosen to stand in for it, there is some good news. With science being unable to define a woman, that means any pretense of an urgent need for more women in STEM is now moot. One cannot demand the forcible inclusion of that which it cannot even define.

A number of laws must be repealed since they cannot be defined, starting with the Violence Against Women Act. If you cannot define what a woman is, that law is unenforceable.

The Voltaire quote about those who can convince you believe absurdities can convince you to commit atrocities comes to mind.
The dumbed down drooling dullard indoctrination generations are for this time of burning it all down.
Just read about controversy at the U of FLA over a Karl Marx study room and useful idiots will get what they deserve when the no longer politically useful status arrives.

we are living in the matrix of 1984…how many definitions can they change the meaning of before no one knows what the hell anything is…

She knows she’d be bounced from the Nomination in two seconds by the Tranny lobby if she said the truth. 2+2=5 and Lia Thomas is a chick.

If I remember correctly, the only factual items ever published in Useless A Today were the crossword puzzles, sports scores and obituaries. Rags such as these continue to twist themselves into pretzels in order to prop up the current correct-speak so as not to offend any protected group

I spent some time thinking about when science went off the rails and turned into pure garbage – like climate change and this nonsense. The thing is, it’s not all crap. There are still areas, though, where science still works by the old standards. Places where they actually say, “here are my results, show me where I screwed up and did something wrong” instead of, “I’m right and if you disagree, you’re racist.”

The answer, of course, is science turned to crap when the government started funding the people who gave them the answers they wanted.

It’s not “science” that’s been corrupted, it’s USA Today. None of the these “scientists” are real, actual scientists.

And yet, peer review publications are bringing us:
Global warming
And removed gender dysphoria from the DSM IV

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