So many people believe in science. The problem is that science is being corrupted by those who stand to profit from certain advances. Rather than wait for the truth to be discovered, these profiteers pay scientists, who are willing to whore themselves out, to study problems and recommend solutions that- miraculously- always seem to financially favor the people who paid for the study.

This is how Al Gore made millions from the global warming and carbon credit fad. This is happening in medicine, where it turns out that the American Heart Association, which claims to be a non-profit, is overestimating the risk of cholesterol in heart disease by 75-150%.

The American Heart Association reported $521 million in donations from non-government and non-membership sources and many well-known large drug companies contribute amounts in the $1 million range. The AHA also rakes in millions from food companies which are also million dollar donors and which pay from $5,490 to $7,500 per product to gain the “heart-check mark” imprimatur from the AHA, renewable, at a price, every year. The foods so anointed are supposed to be low in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol, yet Boar’s Head All Natural Ham (340 mg of sodium per serving) somehow made the cut as did Boar’s Head EverRoast Oven Roasted Chicken Breast (440 mg of sodium per serving).

That is why many of us in the gun community do not trust the government to study gun violence. My rights are not up for debate, especially not a debate that will be based upon studies performed by “scientists” that are for sale to the highest bidder.

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