I recently posted a warning to people considering making the emergency services a profession. Falling pay and benefits, poor working conditions,  and an attitude among employers that you are replaceable is just making the profession untenable.

A good example is found here. The families of 19 firefighters who worked 52 weeks a year, 40 hours a week are denied survivor benefits by their employer because they were considered “part time seasonal” employees. One of the widows wanted to speak to the Mayor during a council meeting, but was told to sit down.

There are those who claim that the widow received a Federal benefit of $350K, so she has nothing to complain about. To them, I ask you this: Her husband was 29 years old, and they had four kids, who are all less than six years old. She will now have to raise those children and support herself, not on the pay that he would have earned, but on that three hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

We as a nation have enough to pay for single mothers to pop out kids, we give these women and their kids free healthcare, simply because they cannot close their legs. We do this, and we expect these brave young men and women to step up and enter the military, enter the emergency services, and then turn our backs on them and their families when they die serving us.

Shame on the Democrats for shitting on the military and emergency services, and sneering at honor, duty, and sacrifice while honoring lazy breeders popping out more welfare kids.
Shame on the Republicans for seeing the emergency services as simply unions that must be crushed.

Shame on employers for doing all that they can to screw over a group of men who died to protect your possessions.

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