Check out this video of Seattle cops slashing the tires of motorists. Remember when I told you that the entire state of Washington was in Zone 5, making it behind enemy lines?

This is an election year. As the year progresses, expect violence and rhetoric to get increasingly worse, more widespread, and more obvious. The time from now until next January will become increasingly dangerous, especially in areas that are Zone 3 or higher.

Areas in zone 5 are areas where the government has ceded or lost all control and/or has openly declared that they cannot and will not provide basic government services like police, fire, and EMS. These areas are completely out of legitimate governmental control and can best be described as being behind enemy lines. Government authority has either effectively or openly sided with the insurgents and is providing them with active support. Anyone who finds themselves in one of these areas is advised to leave immediately, even if this means abandoning property.

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