Sea World Orlando’s security was tested by me on four different occasions during a two year period, ending in the Spring of 2016. During each of those 4 occasions, I was legally carrying a handgun and successfully entered the park each time without being questioned or stopped for security in any way.

There was little to no security visible in the parking lot. Several unguarded access gates were noted to be locked with no security personnel visible nearby, but there were security cameras. To what extent they are monitored is unknown.

The park was inspecting all bags coming through the front gate. This inspection was cursory, and a bag with a hidden compartment would probably result in the ability to smuggle other items in, but this was not tested. Park employees were pulling some people from the line to be checked with a handheld magnetometer, but the check was poorly done.

There was an average of four police officers visible at the front gate, who were standing around shooting the breeze.

Security inside the park was limited to a few uniformed security officers.

Overall, it was easy to enter the park armed and wander about. The parking lot appeared virtually unguarded and unmonitored. A person who is carrying a weapon will likely not be discovered, as there is effectively no limit on the carrying of weapons.

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