John Derossett was just exonerated from the charges of shooting at three deputies and hitting one. He spent five years in jail waiting for trial. The facts are:

Deputies were investigating a case of prostitution against Derosset’s live in niece. The three arrived at the home in unmarked vehicles that they parked away from the home, and were in plain clothes. The deputies did not have a warrant. They knocked on the door and, when the niece opened it, they grabbed her and dragged her out the door, which caused her to scream for help. Derosset heard her screams and went to her aid with his firearm.

When deputies saw Derosset approaching with a firearm, they released the niece and scattered. Derosset saw the men in his yard and fired a warning shot. The deputies responded by shooting at him, striking both Derosset and his niece. Derosset returned fire, shooting one of the deputies in the abdomen.

When the shooting began, Derosett’s neighbor, who was a senior officer with the Sheriff’s office, arrived and took Derosett into custody. The neighbor would later testify that Derosett was confused as to why he was being arrested. At no point during the entire incident did any of the three deputies identify themselves as law enforcement officers.

That last sentence is the one that set Dorsett free. The only sad part is that an innocent man had to spend five years in jail because some deputies didn’t do their jobs. Here is the source material.

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