Borepatch writes about how some women think that a man treating a woman differently is sexist. I wrote about this last year. The problem is that women don’t want to be treated the same as the men are. They want to be treated differently, they want to have advantages over men, and are using the fact that they are women against men.
I was lecturing an Anatomy and Physiology class for the newest class of
paramedic students one day, part of the class was about reproduction,
and I talked about spermatazoa, oocytes, and genitalia, and how they
worked to pass on genetic material in humans. The entire lecture was
from a clinical and biological standpoint. Two female students filed a
sexual harassment complaint against me, and said that talking about
those things is offensive.
When she got the complaint, my boss flew
off the handle and pulled me off the class. She said that I need to be
aware that the younger generation is more easily offended than people of
my age. I was on the verge of resigning from teaching. If you can’t
mention body parts in an anatomy class, how can you possibly teach it?
this morning I went to the director of the school, who questioned
several other students from that class, and they said that the lecture
was professional and well done. I finished the second half of the
lecture today. To protect myself in the future, all of my lectures are
going to be video taped, and the recordings saved. It is shameful that I
have to do that, but this is the liability world we live in. Are there
any other instructors out there who feel that they have to do this? What
about you new female medics? Is this really that offensive to you? Am I
really that old and out of touch?

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Old NFO · March 18, 2013 at 4:48 pm

You are doing the right thing…CYA is now a requirement!!!

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