Isn’t it odd that Florida’s number of COVID cases was low until right after it was announced that the 2020 Republican National Convention would be in Jacksonville. Nope. Coincidence.

This entire shitstorm of COVID, the riots, and everything else is being orchestrated and used to influence the election. This is the big play. Expect voter fraud, dead people voting, and more irregularities than you have ever seen before, on top of a backdrop of escalating violence.

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Therefore · July 14, 2020 at 12:27 pm

With a strong MSM message of "Trump us the cause of all this violence. If you vote for him there will be more violence. A vote for Joe's VP is a vote to end the violence."

I'm also off the opinion that Joe won't pick a VP until the very last legal minute. DNC will be running orange man bad ads non stop. RNC will continue the Joe is not mentally with it enough to be president. And people will vote for Joe based on his VP.

But the RNC will not be able to put out targeted ads/info about that VP till they are picked. This protecting the DNC VP pick from months of informative yet negative ads.

They have destroyed the economy so Trump will have a difficult time running on the economy. They have made every covid bad thing his responsibility. It will be a very negative election ad cycle

Jonathan H · July 14, 2020 at 2:47 pm

I heard the claim that in Florida, positive antibody tests are being included in the count of current cases. Did you post that, or did I see that elsewhere?
I also saw that most of the increase is in Miami. I have read elsewhere that most states are not enforcing the restrictions in minority areas; I wonder if this is true in Miami area and could lead to the increase. I also assume that there is a large portion of the typical summer vacation/ beach crowd active in Miami wanting to have fun and being fed up with restrictions…

As far as the election goes, there is huge but mostly undocumented support for Trump all over the country, and many of these people are not getting the news from the MSM but elsewhere… the choir that is getting preached to thinks things are worse for Trump than they are… I am cautiously hopeful that the attacks will fail and he will be re-elected.

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