So now the show trials to eliminate political opposition to the Communists continue. One Oregon lawmaker is being charged with allowing his constituents to protest terrorists to enter the Capitol back in December when he allowed protesters terrorists to enter and protest COVID restrictions, er disrupt the business of government, uh, attempt subversive activity.

Meanwhile, these people were permitted to do the same thing with nary a word said, right there in the rotunda. Of course, they were disputing the dismissal of Trump’s first impeachment charges, to the commies don’t care about that.

Ditto for the Antifa terrorists who tried to prevent the inauguration in 2017. No one that did so was charged with insurrection, nor was a division of troops needed to install Trump in the White House.

But hey, we will get ’em next time, right? Do you still believe that?

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joe · May 2, 2021 at 3:59 pm

whoever buys the most dominion votes wins…hc didn’t buy enough because she thought she couldn’t lose…they made sure they bought enough for the pedo retard we have now…you can be deaf, blind, and stupid and know he didn’t get 80+ million votes…

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