Yahoo news says that the number of guns sold on Black Friday makes them sick. The shooting that they use to illustrate the issue was that of a 12 year old black child who was killed in Atlanta when two groups of “youths” (read as: Criminal Street Gangs) started shooting at each other.

The kid wasn’t “caught in the crossfire” he was an active participant, a street gang member himself. Don’t blame me and my guns because your criminal child is involved in gang activity.

“I tried, y’all. I called the police office almost 30 times in the last two years, and they told me they can’t do nothing. I said he’s out and breaking into these folks’ cars, can you please get him off the street,” Deerica [his mother] said.

Now mom claims he wasn’t actually *IN* the gang, but he was running around with other criminals, committing felonies. I suppose he wasn’t in the gang because he hadn’t paid his annual dues to the club?

EDITED TO ADD: Four days after Black Friday, we know exactly how many guns were sold. Three weeks after election day, we still don’t know how many votes were cast and for whom.

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Jon · November 30, 2022 at 10:12 pm

The boy’s father was not available for comment.

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