The nation has been largely riot free since September 8th. The only activity seen since that date has been the arson out west and some small actions taken by limited groups of BLM/Antifa/RevCom forces. The large scale, coordinated actions have been noticeably absent. 

A couple of weeks ago, I issued a warning that 

Chances of favorable outcome or appeasement of what appear to be professional insurgents is very doubtful. This situation coupled with statements of the Antifa/BLM/RevCom movements and the forces that they control indicate in our opinion that a surprise aggressive movement in any direction including attack on unarmed and helpless residential areas or even schools is a possibility. 

While it remains my opinion that no army has ever been fully mobilized only to be called back, the possibility of imminent violence has abated somewhat. While attacks appear to be possible, they are not likely at this point, with the exception of the area surrounding the I-5 corridor in Washington and Oregon, as well as the area surrounding Minneapolis/St Paul, both of which remain high threat areas. 

It is also my opinion that, barring any major development, the risk of violence will remain at this level up to election day. This seems to be a time that can best be used to continue preparations for what I view as the likelihood of further violence following the national elections in November. 

As before, 

Avoid travel to large cities in the run up to the election unless it is necessary. 

Keep your head on a swivel. 

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AuricTech Shipyards · September 18, 2020 at 3:07 am

I suspect that the foe has withdrawn to its equivalent of Valley Forge for further training, in order to be ready to do battle in the November 2020 to January 2021 timeframe.

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