The way that a survey’s questions are worded is frequently intended to get a certain result. The one I took today is no exception to that. Today on CensorshipBook, I was asked a two question survey:

1 Do you feel that we censor Too many posts, the right amount of posts, or not enough posts.

My answer: too many.

2 Have you been notified by CensorshipBook that one of your posts has been deleted within the past 7 days?

The answer was a highly misleading ‘no’.

For the past year, I have been placed in FB jail no less than 6 times. Two of those bans were 30 day bans, the others were from 24 hours on up. I was notified at least a dozen other times that my posts were being deleted because they were not in keeping with FB community standards. I was notified that I was a “racist” because I posted that “Not everyone you disagree with is Hitler.”

Recently, they stopped notifying me when my posts were deleted. Instead, the posts that they don’t like are just being quietly removed, and unless you go back and look for them, you would never know.

and that is why the second question was so misleading.

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