There was a time when I viewed the Smithsonian Institute of being one of the finest museums in the world. With this article, I believe that its reputation has been permanently stained, as our President again uses his position to unite America

The museum’s director, Lonnie Bunch, said Mr. Martin’s
hoodie, the one he was wearing the night of his death on Feb. 26,
2012, represents a unique opportunity to further the discussion about
race in America,

 So the thug Trayvon Martin is being used as the poster boy for black history? Why not pick someone who did something other than attack a man because the thought he was a soft target.

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Bob S. · August 1, 2013 at 4:43 pm

Wonder if they are going to put the lighter that was in the hoodie on display?

Just why Trayvon Martin carrying a lighter was never asked or answered. He was too young to legally smoke. Wasn't a scout starting campfires, didn't appear to be cooking out on the condo patio.

So just why was a barely 17 year old carrying a lighter, eh.

Angus McThag · August 3, 2013 at 11:34 pm

OK, this is the way they want it. They can have it.

Mr Martin is being presented as representative of blacks in general.

If they are successful in their portrayal there's going to be a lot more violence.

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