Colleges all over the nation have historically had problems with students of African or Hispanic descent being academically weaker than other demographics. Those with an agenda are quick to point out what they believe is inherent racism in the system, often claiming that white privilege or culture is responsible for the disparity. However, this cannot be the case, because if the schools were  in fact biased towards whites, then whites would be the most successful, and Americans of African heritage would at least be more familiar with the culture than would a native of India or China.

That is not the case. In fact, Students from China, South Korea, and India do better in American colleges than do Americans, especially when taking courses that matter most: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Purdue is having so many issues, that Indiana is planning on opening a Charter school that will be designed to prepare minority students for college in STEM courses. Dozens of minority teens are shooting each other in Chicago every weekend, our kids are being forced out of education and sentenced to a life of making french fries for immigrants, and all the while, our politicians are arguing about flags. statues of Jefferson Davis, the names of military bases, and the names of American football teams.

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