So that burglar from last summer that was caught on my security cameras? He pled guilty to something, but the last I saw was a motion from his attorney to make the court record confidential. Now there is no visible record of what he pled to, or what his punishment was.

We have broad public records laws here in Florida so citizens are aware of what their government is doing. Apparently our courts don’t want us knowing that someone can be caught breaking into 4 and attempting to break into 6 more automobiles, stealing a firearm, stealing a car, and setting the community mail boxes on fire and not get any punishment, so they seal the records.

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Alan · July 26, 2019 at 3:04 am

I know what the court did to the one I caught myself because our sheriff's department is useless. He got a court appointed attorney and when his trial finally came up his attorney told the judge that drugs made him do it and that he had been to rehab for 30 days since then. So the judge said she was going to let the rehab serve as time spent and he was free to go. This is in South Carolina.

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