The hospital where I work was once down to only two COVID patients. The specialized COVID floor was shut down and reduced to a single wing weeks ago. Then the wing was reduced to a single hallway. Two weeks ago, there was not even a hallway- there were only two rooms with COVID patients. The hospital relaxed many COVID protocols- where we were once testing every single patient for COVID no matter why they were being seen, patients were being tested for COVID only if they had symptoms. It seemed that COVID was over.

When I last left work yesterday evening, there were more than thirty COVID patients. What caused the big change? Well for starters, the hospital began testing every patient again. Many patients who are COVID positive are there for other reasons and have no COVID symptoms. Many, but not all.

In the ICU, more than half of the patients there are COVID patients. We had a COVID fatality on Saturday. Every ICU patient with COVID is unvaccinated, and most of the other COVID positive patients are as well.

So what?

If people choose to be unvaccinated, that is their choice. I have chosen to get the vaccine. If someone else reviews the facts and doesn’t want it, that is up to them. What they choose doesn’t affect you.

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D.C. · July 26, 2021 at 8:02 am

Been around farm critters all my life, learned years ago thru using it on our animals Ivermectin is pretty good stuff, excellent on piggies for the types of pneumonia’s they contract, particularly that really vile nasty hog chinese lung aids that swept thru WV about 5 years back that just about killed off the small farm hog population here.
It turns out Ivermectin is an excellent prophylactic for all sorts of vermin parasites and illnesses in our critters. So far it is effective on all our animal’s, from kats to cows, no need to inject it which really makes using it practical, in fact it seems to be as effective as a drench as it is orally administered via feed and water.

Noticed over time and thru heritage family tribal knowledge, piggies contract a lot of things similar to human’s, and that is all above included of course my layman’s observations and anecdotal, evidenced thru practical experience.
Ivermectin seemed to me to be unique, so much so in looking for history of it, it seems it is a singularly unique medicine. The fellow who discovered it, found it in a dirt sample in a city park in Nagasaki Japan. He and another gent shared a Nobel Peace Prize for their work in developing Ivermectin into a medicine.

That right there caught my attention, and the first thing I thought was could Ivermectin be unique from a mutation caused exposure to radioactive isotopes from the uranium gun fission bomb dropped on the city in WWII?
(far as I can find, it is the only pure uranium 238 fission bomb ever detonated on land on earth, which in itself suggests a possible contributor to Ivermectin as an outlier as a unique medicine, if mutation from a natural organism is where it originates in it’s natural state)

Anyways, point of my comment is Ivermectin is on the UN’s, world’s most essential medicines list.
Other than DMSO, it also has the unique feature of being able to pass the human blood brain barrier. It seems from everything I have read to date, all sorts of research and other study indicates Ivermectin possess an inordinate number of unique qualities in medicine and preventative regimens. Ivermectin has no known serious side effects other than a tiny number of people can not tolerate it, and a couple minor side effects, none lethal or debilitating.

InfoGalactic, The Planetary Knowledge Core, has quite a bit of information regarding Ivermectin

Anyways, our family and many friends neighbors in our local we associate with, as most of us are agrarian Appalachian mountain folks and are familiar with alternative resources, and animal husbandry, took to using Ivermectin when the chinese lung aids started going around. All the kids are strong, healthy and ailment free.
The protocol is incredibly simple, 1ml per 100lb body weight orally, using 1% injectable Ivermectin, no injecting it necessary or recommended, common acquired at feed stores which provide the usual animal medicines all over the country.
It is very reasonable cost wise. Per dose for a 200lb human well under a dollar. Durvet, injectable Ivermectin in 50ml 1% sterile solution bottles, go for $34 at tractor supply in our area of WV. thats 64 cents a dose, plus cost of a sterile syringe and point for drawing out the measured dose you want. A 200ml bottle is about $58 so irs really economic in larger bulk.
We all mix it in some OJ or shine, down that baby and your good. The prophylactic doses are once a month if covid or other bug is around, and 1-2 times a year for practical booster dose when the coast is clear.

I contracted a terrible case of Montezuma’s revenge, it never really leaves me, lived with it for years, after a first dose and a couple months prophylactic doses I no longer seem to have dysentery bowels, has not showed up since early 2020, can’t express how wonderful this is to quality of life.

So far not one person including all in our family who follows the UN’s Worlds Essential Medicines List recommendations has contracted any thing like flu or nasty bugs that typically go around, including covid.
Make of it what you care to.

EVMS Prevention Protocol:  Zinc, Vit D, Vit C, and Ivermectin, Serotonin has been added to this list, about July of 2020.

Recently further added to the protocol, 250mg for women and 400mg for men, of magnesium, which it is claimed you need anyways, particularly if you got sugar, (it also helps reduce diabetic nerve pain problems, I experience first hand it is effective), as the magnesium levels found in industrial level farmed vegetables grain fruit etc have diminished almost to 10% of what existed in 1908.

No doubt some might be horrified by the thought of self administered medicine. If you are not aware, it is increasingly common in Appalachia we are facing ever diminishing healthcare resources that are affordable and now even available. This is not simple happenstance, as a pattern of malice is clearly evident, if you of caucasian persuasion, since obama care was foisted upon us by the swamp vermin.
Self Preservation is the number one law if you are not a slave of tyranny.
I hope this helps somebody else.

    Don Curton · July 26, 2021 at 11:48 am

    Thank you for the details. Good information.

    21stCenturyCassandra · July 27, 2021 at 5:53 pm

    It was U-235, not U-238. Other than that, excellent post.

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