Some of you can’t take a hint

I tried to send a hint to my readers yesterday, but some of you apparently can’t take a hint. At least one person who has been commenting on this blog has an IP address that comes back to a law enforcement agency. Another comes back to a prosecutor’s office. At least one of them has been attempting to incite others into saying something stupid.

Don’t get yourself into trouble. Remember that there are plenty of agents out there who would love to make a name for themselves. Watch what you say.

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I’d just like to state, for the record, that everything I have ever said online was fictional parody.

I also recently lost my last gun in the lake.

That is all.

Also, I’ve gone back through a lot of the comments on this site.

To the one(s) trying to entice someone to say something stupid:


ha…that’s funny…i just say what’s on my mind…usually gets me in trouble at work…shit happens…

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