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Some people are just evil

Here is a case of a 14 year old evil person, who killed his 13 year old classmate. Some want to make sense of it, and I just don’t even try. To try and understand some things is to invite yourself to become like them.

Whenever someone asks me why people can do things to others, that is what I tell them: “Some people are just evil. The things that they do to other people don’t make sense to you, because you aren’t evil. Those people are broken, and that is why they do the things they do. “

I may not want to understand them, but I *do* know how to keep them from doing it again. It seems odd for me to say, because- I am opposed to the death penalty. Why? Because I don’t trust our court system not to do underhanded things like hide exculpatory evidence or manufacture evidence, not because I oppose the concept.

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I’m with you on the death penalty. I think it’s an appropriate punishment for some crimes. I do not trust our government to administer it properly.

Better to err on the side of liberty and not give them the option of killing people.

“….areas near the North Amenity Center where she was last seen about 1:15 a.m.”
What was a 13 yr old doing out unaccompanied after midnight?

The story here is that she snuck out. The 1:15 am sighting was from a security camera video obtained by police from a nearby neighbor.

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