I know I meant this to be an EMS blog, but I was taking care of tax issues this morning, and I noticed something:

Lets say I make about $72,000 a year. According to the IRS, I am in the top 25% of wage earners in the US. That makes me one of those evil “rich” people that deserves to be taxed more, because I am not paying “my share.”

Last year, I paid:

$12,193 in payroll taxes (includes SS tax, Medicare, and FITW)
$3,200 in property taxes
$2,374 in sales tax
$1,322 in utility taxes and fees
For a total of:
$19,087 in taxes that I paid last year.

Not counting the taxes built into the things you buy (import taxes, excise taxes, etc) and other taxes, like car registration, driver’s license fees, and the like.

But, according to many of the current Presidential candidates, I am not paying my fair share. That really ticks me off.

More EMS stuff to follow, I promise.

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Tomtastic25 · August 3, 2007 at 7:13 am

I earned the same amount as you last year. I hate the amount of taxes paid and wasted. I wish government would just do what it is supposed to do. Public safety and education. Leave the rest of the crap out.

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