Interesting developments in the public’s opinion of the Zimmerman case. In March, when the agitators were busy trying to circumvent the intent of the ‘stand your ground law’ by misrepresenting the facts in the case, 33 percent of the country thought that Zimmerman had murdered Martin, and 15 percent thought it was self defense.

On April 17, the polls were showing that 41 percent said it was a justified shooting, and 59 percent felt that it was either murder or manslaughter.

On May 18, the photos of Zimmerman’s head was released, and it became known that Martin had no injuries, except the gunshot wound and injured knuckles. Public opinion shifted. On May 20, the polls showed that 40 percent felt that this was a justified self defense shooting, and 24 percent felt it was murder.

So as people got out from under the information that was being manipulated by the mainstream media and saw the facts for themselves, public opinion changed.

 In a related poll, we also see an interesting result for the ‘stand your ground’ law. The press and the anti-gunners (Redundant, I know) are using the shooting to attack ‘stand your ground.’ The  public isn’t buying it. 56 percent of Floridians support stand your ground laws, while only 37 percent feel that you should have to retreat before using force to stop an attack.

Here is the story on the feelings about the charges.
Here is the story about the public’s attitude towards ‘stand your ground.’

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