Stats on coronavirus to back up posts

In 14 states, more than half of Wuhan virus deaths occurred from COVID infections acquired in nursing homes.

 In New York, 70 percent of deaths are people over 65; in ¬≠Michigan, 79 percent; in Washington State, 92 percent. In Delaware, 58 percent of deaths have been nursing-home residents and their caregivers. In Massachusetts, 55 percent; in Pennsylvania, 51 percent; New Jersey, 40 percent.

Again, it seems to me that if we lock down those over 65, nursing homes, and establish a wing of the hospital for those over 65 and refuse visitation in that wing, we could control this virus to levels lower than the flu.

3 replies on “Stats on coronavirus to back up posts”

Nice to see Florida got this one right.

Also nice to hear that the supposition about it being just like New York here be wrong!

That is true, if you assume that the lockdown was done for health reasons.

If, instead, it was done for political reasons, then the whole 'shut the country down and kill the economic engine' concept makes sense.

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