I am tired of hearing from Internet experts telling the world that COVID is a fake disease or that the death numbers are inflated yadda, yadda. Frankly, it is pissing me off: “crisis actor” this or “muh rights” that. If you want to debate whether or not shutting down the economy is a wise method of preventing the spread of the virus, that’s one thing, but denying the existence or deadly nature of it is pure bullshit.

There are staffing companies out there BEGGING for health care workers. They are paying from $3800 a week to work as a tech in New Orleans and Miami, all the way up to $25,000 a week for doctors and other practitioners in New York city.

If you are not medically trained, then STFU. Gun owners rightly told doctors to stay in their lane and for them to stay out of the gun control debate. Now gun owners (and others) who have no medical training need to remember to stay in THEIR lane.

If you are medically trained and you believe that COVID is a big hoax, then head on out there and make the big bucks. If it is a hoax, and COVID is such a non-threat, then you won’t even need to wear PPE.  My son is smarter than that, he dresses like this for 12 hours a day- from the time he enters the hospital to the time he leaves. He has to keep his phone in a specimen bag so it won’t get contaminated. Imagine working 12 hours a day, seven days a week, surrounded by a deadly plague- where the smallest misstep has the potential to either kill you, or kill someone else when you walk out with it on your shoe or in your hair, and then tell me that it is overblown.

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