I got the floors looking as well as they can be, cleaned up all of the mess left by the tenants, repaired the holes in the walls, replaced the burned out light bulbs, and replaced the screens on the lanai. I remulched the flower beds and trimmed the trees. I took yesterday off because I have COVID for the third time, and decided to spend the day napping on the couch in a fog of Nyquil induced sleep.

Today’s project is re-plumbing the kitchen sink, fixing some water damage in one of the bathrooms, and replacing a towel rack that was torn from the wall. After that, all I need to do is paint the garage walls and the white trim in the house, and I think we are ready to list it for rent again.

I will be running on cough medicine and Sudafed today.

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Lieutenant America · February 7, 2024 at 10:28 am

So the COV isn’t the Black Death? (/s)
Parents had two story two bedroom rental in late 1970’s and all kinds of porn was found in there after renters vacated and now it is a Starbucks/Sportyball Ribshack stripmall eyesore.
Bros used to make awesome forts in that field that is a temple of consumerism now with old car seats and stereo with extension cords running to the house, portable ice box, they always got rounded up by the train police due to huge trainyard nearby.
Vintage Legacy America will forever be the best of all.

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