YouTube continues with their censorship of anyone who opposes the left. SCOTUS also just reversed a court decision that prevented Trump from blocking critics on his social media accounts, meaning that Biden and the rest of the commies are now free to block people all they want. We can’t have the counter-revolutionaries using the communists own tactics against them, can we?

So now that the stage is set, Homeland Security has announced that it will soon be scouring the Internet, looking for people who would speak out against the government. This blog, and others like it, will soon be an enemy of the state.

As I have been saying for months, the communist party left doesn’t really have ideas that work, so they must silence the opposition and use the force of government in order to make their (bad) ideas a reality. One of the first things that a Communist coup has to do, once it has a (tenuous, at first) grip on power, is it must silence the opposition. This cripples any would-be movement’s chances at organizing.

Then, they have ensure that they have a monopoly on force. That means removing the citizen’s ability to possess weapons, and means purging the military of counter-revolutionaries.

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I am not making a dime on this website. In fact, it is costing me a good bit of money to keep it operational. Any bit of money helps me to offset that.


joe · April 5, 2021 at 6:41 pm

blogs like yours have been on their radar for some time i would imagine…probably as far back as otard…soon you, people like you, and the visitors to your site/like minded sites will all be on no fly lists, banned from passing background checks to buy firearms, branded as domestic terrorists…amEriCa…fuck yeah…

FrancisT · April 6, 2021 at 4:06 am

I have another alternative method for people to blog etc. without worrying about being cancelled – host it yourself at your house on a Raspberry Pi and use cloudflare as a proxy. I called the concept micronetia . It works very well and the documentation on how to do it is in my website link

    joe · April 6, 2021 at 7:07 pm

    they will just have your isp cut you off…but i get what you are saying…

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