Eight days ago, I said:

Even so, the known cases are doubling every 2 to 3 days, and have been for the past 3 weeks. As I type this, there are 1,300 cases in the US. So, there were 328 more cases today, and 294 yesterday. That means the number of cases has doubled in the past 48 hours. At this rate, there will be 1800 cases by Thursday (tomorrow night) and 2500 by Friday. Another week, and there will be 12,000 cases by the following Friday. How long the cases can keep doubling is anyone’s guess.

As I type this, it is not quite Friday, and there are over 14,300 cases of coronavirus. Cases are still doubling every two and a half days. Worse, the number of fatalities has begun doubling every two and a half days as well.

If you look at this chart, you will see that the death rate greatly increased about five days ago. If the two trends of cases and deaths continue, this is going to get much worse. If it continues, we will have at least 150,000 cases and nearly 600 dead by March 27.

To make things even worse, a 34 year old man died of the disease in California today. It appears as through he was at two Orlando theme parks just two weeks ago. Whether he brought the disease here or caught the disease here, it isn’t good for the locals.

The state of Florida is worried that the largest collection of elderly people in the nation is a prime target for this illness, especially since they are not complying with the social distance request. This is the reason behind two of the three mobile hospitals bracketing The Villages, with one in Orlando and the other in Ocala.

 The country’s economy is at a virtual standstill. It seems that the disease and our economy are in a race to see who wrecks the country first.

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