Suggested Name

Since it is turning out that monkey pox is an STD spread through infected semen and that the WHO wants to rename the disease, might I suggest a new name?

Let’s call it Fruity Pebbles.

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Haha, i just said this to a buddy the other day, I said call it the cox-pox. Accursed sodomites only.

Recycling my own comment from elsewhere:

Given the sort of people in charge at WHO it’ll be something like “Straight White Christians Are to Blame”. Not a snappy acronym, but you know that’s what they want to get across.

I’d humbly propose that the lesions be called “sodomy sores” or “buggery blisters”. “Catamite cankers” is another possibility, but I’m not an Infectious Disease specialist, so I’ll leave renaming the disease to the ID guys.

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