The left is in a real quandary. What is responsible for COVID? Is it climate change, or is it systemic racism? Well, according to the CDC, minorities are being affected by COVID because of racism. This is largely due to the fallacy that anything that adversely affects a minority MUST be due to racism. This is because they demand equality of outcome instead of equality of opportunity. 

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Jonathan H · September 15, 2020 at 11:48 am

And of course no one mentions that minorities aren't following whatever the current crop of 'guidelines' are – and that no one is trying to make them, unlike Whites.
Evidence of this can be seen in Chicago shootings at the height of the lockdowns where more people were injured than were legally allowed to gather in one place… meaning that the total gathering was MUCH larger than officially allowed.
I've seen other articles commenting about how inner city parties, illegal raves, etc never stopped in several large cities across the country. It was reported (with what accuracy, I don't know), that when Di Blasio was threatening churches with permanent closure and sending police to break up Orthodox funerals, that mosques were meeting at full capacity and not following any restrictions…
Just a few examples of reasons other than "racism" why minorities have been more effected by COVID… Oh, and don't forget that like the plagues of old, COVID affects urban dwellers MUCH more than rural people.

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