So news this morning says that Florida can’t tell tranny bars that it is illegal to have drag shows in front of kids because it is a limit on free speech. (As a side note, when I posted “Then how is it illegal for me to bring an 8 year old to Rachel’s?” (a local strip bar) that comment was deleted as “violating community standards”)

At the same time, people on social media who post online that they want to have a meetup at the beach are notified that they will be billed for costs of providing extra police in the area. How is that also not a limit on free speech? If I post “Hey, let’s have a meetup of preppers/gun owners/or whatever at New Smyrna Beach this weekend” and the police decide that they will hire extra cops on overtime to handle the excess crowds, they can bill me for the cost? And that isn’t considered a restriction on free speech?

If it isn’t, then why not simply do the same for tranny bars? Just say “We have declared that tranny bar drag shows are a “special event,” fines in this area will be doubled, and any violating vehicles will be impounded. In addition, the bar organizing the show will be held liable for costs and fees associated with enforcing the special-event zone. Since we estimate that 100 cops on overtime will be needed, that cost will equal eleventy thousand dollars per show.

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Big Ruckus D · June 24, 2023 at 10:05 am

Blatant violation of equal protection under the law: check.

Making any instance of pointing out or complaining about blatant violations of equal protection under the law a violation of law itself: check.

Wholesale slaughter of any and all who commit, or otherwise aid in the commission of the two aforementioned violations of equal protection under the law (also known as war): awaiting resolution…

This cognitively dissonant insanity must end. And it will end, as it always does, with scores of corpses in mass graves. It is to be genuinely hoped that the majority of those are of the oppressors, rather than the oppressed. Regrettably, the historical track record in that regard doesn’t look so good.

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