In 2008, the best year that my wife and I have ever had financially, broke down like this:

We made a combined $106,743. To make this money, we both had jobs AND we ran our business.
We paid $6,932 in Social Security
We paid $1,621 in Medicare
We paid $12,506 in income tax
We paid $2,639 in property taxes
We paid $2,884 in Sales Taxes
The total of the above is  $26,582, and doesn’t include hidden taxes like 46 cents in taxes on each gallon of gasoline, and other taxes like cell phone taxes, fees, the matching half of our Social Security and Medicare taxes that are paid by our employer on our behalf, and other hidden costs. These direct taxes comprise 25% of our labor for the year.

Someone explain to me how forcing me to spend a quarter of my year working for others differs from forcing me to work as a slave for 10 of my 40 productive years.

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