But Newark’s Roman Catholic Archbishop, who says:

Salvation came from Christ, not from an AR-15. To them, Jesus says as he did to the arms-bearing Peter, “put that away.”

The Catholic church has become a gun control organization. I quote:

The Supreme Court has expanded the application of the second amendment, which says nothing about “personal ownership” or “guns” to mean that individuals have the right to possess, carry, and shoot semiautomatic weapons of war designed solely to kill, maim, and obliterate human life.

In fact, the conference of Catholic Bishops has this to say:

“We support a total ban on assault weapons and limitations on civilian access to high-capacity weapons and ammunition magazines.”

I want to point out what happened to Jesus- he was tortured and murdered by his government. Since I can’t miracle myself to a resurrection, I think I will keep my guns. In the meantime, the Catholic church and its communist pope can work on not letting their priests fuck little kids.

Pope Francis: “If I See the Gospel in a Sociological Way Only, Yes, I Am a Communist, and So Too Is Jesus”

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D · August 16, 2023 at 10:55 am

When the Catholic church starts telling you what the Bible says, treat it like you would a government official telling you what the Constitution says.

oldvet50 · August 16, 2023 at 1:37 pm

Even as a child growing up in the Baptist church, I realized quickly how evil the catholic cult is. The first two commandments from God are: You shall have no other gods before Me. · You shall not make idols…. Yet they pray to Mary as if she is a god and worship and kneel before the statues in their churches. So, yeah, they ignore the Bible.

Big Ruckus D · August 16, 2023 at 5:25 pm

Careful there DM, inviting the Catholic church to do anything around your ass is a dangerous inducement. It all started with a kiss…

The modern RCC is a horrible disappointment. The underlying scripture is sound IMO, but the leadership and the type of socialist/bleeding heart bullshit espoused by it (and so much of the laity that claims to be Catholic) is going to be it’s downfall. In large part that has already happened.

I don’t know what happened to the Catholicism of the Crusades, but they need to find their balls right quick because they’re going to need them, or they will perish en masse by simply rolling over for whatever atrocities are unleashed.

It is astounding to me how badly the instinctive command for self preservation is lacking in modern western society. This is a issue that goes well beyond just the failings of the RCC, but they are one of the (many) institutions at the forefront of pushing this fucked up mindset of compliance and submission. And fuck them for doing so, because the consequences for driving that idea for decades now are going to be horrible.

    EN2 SS · August 16, 2023 at 5:40 pm

    From what I understand, the Catholic Church will and is trying to form a one world church with the Muslime cult. Oh boy, two cults in one, this is going to be interesting.

      Big Ruckus D · August 16, 2023 at 8:53 pm

      As screwed up as that sounds, I could almost believe it. One of the aspects of convergence, beyond the obvious takeover of previously (more or less) sound institutions by leftist and authoritarian subversives, is the merging of said institutions into new, more powerful super-institutions. This applies to the melding of organized religions, charities, corporations, and all the above to (or with) government. The long range trend has been for these already individually fucked up organizations to eventually find their way to a combining of forces, so as to better impose their perverted ideology on an ever larger mass of humanity.

      I was raised Catholic, but have kept the institutional church well beyond arms length for about 30 years now. Even in the 90’s I recognized that the institutional RCC stunk badly of impropriety, by deviating from scripture in order to appease the morally squishy masses (women especially).

      I also recognized the crisis of leadership in the church, being overrun with degenerate faggots such as it already was even by the mid-late 1970’s. It took me until young adulthood to see that aspect of the rot clearly. I’m lucky I was never targeted by any of these pedofags, we had at least 2 priests who were later accused of sexual abuse in previous assignments briefly placed at our parish during my time in the school there. I never saw or heard of them doing anything inappropriate, but one wonders, knowing now how effectively the RCC buried the problem for so long. The manifest evil of it is difficult to get one’s mind around.

      As for today’s RCC, bergolio is a disgrace and an embarrassment of the worst kind. He subverts it from within, wearing it’s garb while parading around making statements, both official and “off the cuff”, that are counter to the long standing scriptural teachings of the church. He is nothing more than a disgusting geriatric socialist faggot. It doesn’t escape me that the damage was done well before his arrival on the scene, however.

      Despite that, he is – fully with malign intent – leading people who fancy themselves Catholics to sin and bring suffering and ruination on themselves. I’m no theological authority, but I recognize a plant intended to lead others into the fire when I see one. This has permeated virtually all the mainline Christian denominations in the west. Russian, Eastern Orthodox and others that splintered off still appear to me to be better grounded In stating true to scripture, but only by a matter of degree. As they become more popular for those seeking a respite from the obvious shortcomings of the liberalized RCC and protestant churches, they too will be ever more converged until they are unfit for purpose.

Bad Dancer · August 16, 2023 at 6:31 pm

Well the Lord also said to sell your cloak and buy a sword so.

I’ll consider giving up my arms when the vatican disarms down to the last halberd and for good measure lets me poke around the vaults. I bet they have really cool stuff in there.

B · August 16, 2023 at 8:17 pm

Jesus could have snapped his fingers and everyone would have keeled over at the cross. He didn’t because he was the only one that could save us from sin. I’m 100% pro gun but they only work in this life. I would be more worried about dying without my sins forgiven than the dying process.

Wyowanderer · August 21, 2023 at 10:20 am

Many Christians have forgotten who Jesus Christ is:

Revelation 19: 11-21
11 And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.

12 His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself.

13 And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.

14 And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean.

15 And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.

16 And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, King Of Kings, And Lord Of Lords.

17 And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God;

18 That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great.

19 And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army.

20 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

21 And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls were filled with their flesh.

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