Leftists on Twitter are all upset because there was a Pat Tillman tribute during the Superbowl. Although the left is all in favor of going to war against a nuclear armed Russia, wars that are started by Republicans are bad, so the facts of his death have to be viewed in that light. The reasons that the left is giving for being upset are:

  • Tillman was supposedly opposed to the war in Iraq, according to some rando who claims to have been in his unit (of course he was killed in Afghanistan, so I don’t see how this matters)
  • Tillman was not killed by the enemy, but by friendly fire when a part of his platoon mistook Tillman’s forward position for an enemy one, and fired on it. (friendly fire or not, he was killed in a firefight with enemy combatants. If a cop dying a week after J6 can be pinned on the right, I think we can chalk this one up to a combat death.)
  • Tillman supposedly said (again according to a rando who claims to have heard a guy who claims to have been in Tillman’s unit) “If something happens to me, I am afraid they will parade me in the streets. I don’t want them to parade me through the streets.” (Even assuming that Tillman actually said this, he couldn’t possibly have been referring to the Rangers who were killed and then dragged through the streets of Mogadishu, and not wanting that to happen to him, could he?)

So if the US winds up in a shooting war with Russia, I expect all of those bloviating leftists to rush down to the recruiting office to sign up.

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Fweedom Fwies · February 14, 2023 at 8:13 pm

They do when the soldiers are expected to die for Zelensky’s bank account.
What is so friendly about friendly fire anyway?
They should start up a draft and we’ll see how concerned comrade lefty is.

mike · February 14, 2023 at 8:54 pm

I know your point in this post was intended toward a different theme. Worthy as that may be, bear with me as I would like to talk about Pat Tillman a moment.

Pat responded the way many thousands of other Americans responded to the 9/11 Attacks, with true patriotism. It was something not seen in America since the days after Pearl Harbor, when men jammed the recruiting stations in their country’s time of need. Pat Tillman was different only in that he was already an established professional athlete, which differentiated him from the rest, because he could have paid lipservice to the war and stayed home and lived. He did not. He put himself on the line with all of those everyday Americans who went off to the GWOT because he believed in this country. In this age of decline, that is truly remarkable. A man of means who set it all aside to risk his life with the common man over the idea of America. We will not see that kind of selflessness again any time soon.

It does not matter whether the Neocons tricked us into Iraq or mishandled the Afghan War in the end. We will settle with the Neocons in good time. What matters is that Pat Tillman and thousands of other patriots, the last generation of such men this American Nation will produce, went off selflessly to confront our enemies at the risk and to often at the cost of their very lives. That is all that matters. Such devotion may no longer matter to what is left of this nation, but it should matter to those who went with the fallen and made it home, as well as those of us who did not go, though we appreciate how much they sacrificed for us. I can only pray that America has enough of these men left to see us through the current ordeal

EN2 SS · February 14, 2023 at 9:46 pm

“I expect all of those bloviating leftists to rush down to the recruiting office to sign up.” Before or after they cancel their twitter account? Before they move to canada?

What? Are you considering making this a comedy site?

dave in pa · February 14, 2023 at 11:20 pm

well, from what I have seen over the years, neither one of them care for soldiers. the right pays lip service to them at best
the left could not care less about them.
really, the ONLY time they care about soldiers is when they are
in need of them to save their ass.
what they get paid is a joke. and now with all of the woke bullshit. why even go anywhere near the military

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