For years, the gun culture was thrown under the bus by hunters. They wholeheartedly supported calls for gun control, as long as talks of gun control stuck to evil assault weapons. The reasoning from hunters was that, perhaps if they supported gun control groups, the gun control groups would leave them alone. It didn’t work. It wasn’t long before there were calls to ban “sniper rifles.” To this day, we still hear anti gun forces say “Those guns are useless for hunting” or “You don’t need an AR15 to hunt deer.”

Now we have another group of misguided gun owners who think that if they only open carry in a friendly manner, the anti gunners will somehow come around and like them. I normally agree with Borepatch, but I think he is wrong on this one. To Borepatch and the rest of them, I ask this:

What gun can I own that will win the approval of gun control groups?
What method of carry will make the anti gunners like me?
What form of capitulation will make anti gunners stop calling for my guns to be confiscated?

Rosa Parks and the other civil rights advocates didn’t win by sitting at the coloreds only lunch counter and attempting to be noticed. They refused to back down.

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Angus McThag · October 30, 2018 at 3:40 am

I keep getting told that I took several people replying to my saying the same thing you're saying too personal.

I notice that you're not getting attacked in your comments for saying it.

I think we've found a new kind of FUDD.

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