I saw a post by JKB over at Gunfree zone. I was going to reply there, but my reply got larger and larger until I thought it made more sense to just post it here. 

How do we win at this fight?

By understanding one of the basic laws of warfare: Don’t fight the enemy at the time and place of his choosing. Make him come to you when YOU are set up and ready.. Make no mistake, they are at war with you, whether you like it or not. So here is how you win:

1 Stay out of areas where BLM/Antifa has been killing people. That means avoiding all Zone 4 and Zone 5 areas as if your life depends on it- because it does. Don’t think that you can go into those areas and blend in. Criminals are extremely smart people and they can smell prey at a distance. Especially the ones in the cities where riots have been going on for months. They know their area of operations, who belongs, and who doesn’t. There are few, if any noncombatants left there, and they will spot you. 

If you live in one of those areas, stay away from the protests/riots. Move out of the area as soon as you can. I expect that Portland will fall and be owned by Antifa after the next election. Ted Wheeler’s opponent in the Mayoral race is an open member of Antifa. Your window of opportunity to get out is closing fast. 

2. Be a Grey Man. Do not wear any political clothing, get rid of NRA or political bumper stickers. Do your best to blend into the crowd. This means don’t advertise/broadcast your political beliefs. To do so simply makes you a target. Military personnel wear clothing that blends in with the background. Doing the same means looking as much like the sheep in your area as possible. 

3.  ALWAYS maintain a lethal means of self defense and maintain your situational awareness, in the event that your camouflage fails and you get attacked anyhow. having ear protection on you at all times wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. 

4. Avoid crowded areas where the enemy is known or likely to be. I don’t care if your business is about to be burned down. It isn’t worth dying over. Make them come to you.

5. The best way to survive a gunfight is not to be in a gunfight. If you find yourself in a gunfight despite your best efforts, then bring overwhelming firepower to bear. Bring your friends’ firepower to bear.

6. Now is the time to buy body armor if you haven’t already. Have a covert, lightweight set that is comfortable to wear all day. Have a heavier set for those times that call for it. 

7. Always have a battle buddy or three..Don’t get isolated from the pack. Like hyenas, they will prey upon the weak, the sick, and the isolated.

8 Know who your enemy is and what extremes they are potentially willing to go to.

9 The cops aren’t on your side, the politicians and judges aren’t on your side. Antifa has a pass to do whatever it takes to bring this nation down. For now.

10 Have concealed carry insurance. If you DO find yourself needing to use force, this will help defer some of the cost. 

These last three, I borrowed from the late Patrick Swayze:

11 Never underestimate your opponent. Expect the unexpected. OPFOR has been displaying a remarkable ability to come up with unexpected tactics. They aren’t stupid, they are ably led, and are receiving professional training. Many of them have been fighting for more than 3 months. They know what works and doesn’t work. False bravado isn’t going to do it here. We are behind the curve on this one. 

12 Take it outside. Never start anything inside unless it’s absolutely necessary. Again: Stay out of Zones 4 & 5, avoid Zone 3, stay on your own home turf and out of theirs. Avoidance is the key, for now. 

13 And lastly, be nice…I want you to be nice until it’s time to not be nice. When will that time be? It will be obvious. You will know. If you aren’t sure yet, then it isn’t time. 

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Paul Koning · September 9, 2020 at 1:06 am

One topic you didn't cover, perhaps a suitable one for a separate post, is the use of vehicles. When (if ever) to stop, when to go, etc.

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