Below, you will see the deposition of a Brevard County Deputy who arrested a man for trespassing and obstruction. The man was in a parking lot, filming a cop who was on a road 35 feet away, conducting a traffic stop. The officer here being deposed arrived on the scene and told the man that he was being trespassed, ordered him to get in his vehicle and leave.

The man walked away, and immediately left the property. He was arrested for trespassing and obstruction. The law of trespassing is where a person refuses to leave private property after being told to leave. It says nothing of leaving your vehicle and wife behind. The cop even admits that leaving your vehicle behind isn’t a crime, but leaving it behind after a cop orders you not to, is.

The case here is one that is literally “respect mah authoritay” when the man didn’t do exactly as the cop told him to, the law be damned.

It is long past time for police to lose qualified immunity.

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nones · April 18, 2024 at 5:59 am

I live in Brevard county. While I have often said that Sheriff Wayne Ivey will jump in front of a camera at the drop of a hat, I generally support and appreciate how he does his job. And I recognize that we need the police for some things, cops in general are dipshits.

    Divemedic · April 18, 2024 at 6:14 am

    Police are needed. All I am saying is that their authority and immunity should have limits.

      D · April 18, 2024 at 1:49 pm

      I’d be interested in hearing what they’re needed for.

      Peelian Principles say “A police officer is paid to give full-time attention to that which is incumbent on every citizen”.

      If police suddenly didn’t exist (and you wouldn’t be prosecuted for defending your life, home, or property)…what would you need them for?

      If the court felt someone was dangerous enough (say…a murderer, rapist, or pedo) and issued a warrant…what would prevent ordinary people from detaining him and dragging him to the jail for the reward? Similar to a letter of marque and reprisal.

      Dirty Dingus McGee · April 18, 2024 at 3:33 pm

      Given what we know, and there is a LOT we don’t know, about current policing practices, I’m at the point of questioning WHY we need them. Other than a few detectives, who may or may not be competent, the majority are clueless revenue agents for their employer. This goes from the top fed level to the local donut molester.

      We would likely have at least the same results if the mafia or 1% bikers were to handle the actual “serving and protecting”.

        D · April 19, 2024 at 10:17 am

        @Dirty Dingus McGee A buddy of mine was talking to me about that a few years ago as a “thought experiment”. Instead of being *forced* to pay for shitty police services like we do now, what if it was more like insurance used to be (and still is in a few areas)? If you want it, pay for it. If not, they’ll make sure everyone gets out safely (and bill you) and then watch your home burn.

        Pick your favorite group, and pay them for the level of protection you want. You want to pay them to have a 24/7 armed dude watching your property at night? $5k/mo. You want to pay them to drive by your property a few times a day and keep an eye out? $500/mo. Respond when called? $200/mo. I’m sure there are a few “biker gangs” that would love to get paid to ride around all day.

        …but being private citizens, they would have no right to randomly pull cars over for doing $5 over, then beat the hell out of someone for having a tail light out and not licking their boots.

oldvet50 · April 18, 2024 at 8:14 am

I have not had any adverse interactions with police, nor have I personally witnessed any, so I cannot find fault with most (not all) police. I may not understand qualified immunity. I thought it was like a military order (when I was in the service) in that I had to obey all LAWFUL orders of my superior officers. It appears that in this case the order by the deputy was not a lawful order. Curious about the outcome of this “trial”.

Neo is No One · April 18, 2024 at 10:04 am

This is why they turn down anyone with a triple digit IQ except for detectives.
Doesn’t private property mean one entrance or one way in or out?
States may vary but that’s how it is in Red State.
WTF is this cops are sacred don’t film me don’t look at me horseshit?
They aren’t enlightened beings fresh from Olympus, they are just people working for the shekels like everyone else.

Aesop · April 19, 2024 at 2:41 pm

Make qualified immunity automatically revoked de jure and de facto in every case where it is found that the officer’s actions were unlawful, and require mandatory state and federal prosecution of the officers for assault, false arrest, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and abuse of constitutional rights under color of authority, to include any and every officer directly involved in the incident, and open all those officer’s personal assets in any civil trial over the same incident.

Let them take their chances with a jury trial, just like the guy they arrested.
If that’s too hard, don’t sign up for the job.

The badge-heaviness will end, and they’ll suddenly learn to only color well inside the lines, and not doing this kind of stupid shit, where they created the incident, manufactured the crime, and wiped their asses with the Constitution, instead of just fucking off and minding their own business while they do their jobs. Or else you’ll see a lot of former cop/convicted felons walking the streets in paper scrubs after they lose everything they own trying to be Officer Respect MahAuthoritah.

If they get out of prison alive, and with their anuses intact.

Wouldn’t be nearly as funny then, would it?

This is what happens when agencies deliberately screen out brighter applicants with abstract thinking skills and the ability to do risk-benefit judgement calculations on the fly, in favor of DEI candidates and low-80 IQ midwits and morons to do the job.

It’s like the part of Out Of Africa, where the old chief forbids schooling to anyone who’ll reach majority before he dies: he doesn’t want to contend with young hotshots 50 IQ points higher than him in his lifetime.

Police management is in the same boat: that can’t handle or supervise officers brighter than they are, so instead they deliberately hire the most obedient morons they can find, even though a few outliers slip through the cracks.
Today’s jack-booted thuggery example x 10,000 is the price of that attitude.
Like Old Yeller, it needs to be taken out to the corn crib, and shot.

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